WINNERS Urbansurf Zürich Open 2023

The Urbansurf Zürich Open was the second stop on the Edelweiss Surf Tour 2023. More than 55 surfers took part in the competition to earn points and try to become the Swiss Champion in Rapid Surfing. They also aimed to win the Overall Winner title for the entire tour.

Alena Gubler and Lennard Weinhold (GER) successfully defended their titles as winners of the Urbansurf Zurich Open in the Women’s and Men’s categories, respectively. In the Junior Divisions, Aksinia Semenova (RUS) and Kilian Rosskopf emerged as the winners. Congratulations to them!

It was an exciting weekend, and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated and came to watch the competition.

Results of the Urbansurf Zürich Open 2023

  1. Alena Gubler
  2. Michelle Anna Ernst
  3. Fabiana Klein
  1. Lennard Yannick Weinhold
  2. Rivan Rock Rosskopf
  3. Marius Øystein Gerlach
  1. Aksinia Semenova
  2. Eva Weiss
  3. Sue Gartmann
  1. Kilian Rosskopf
  2. Maximilian Lex
  3. Konstantin Leugermann

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Photo Credits: Phil Bucher


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