Swiss Surfing is committed to a healthy, respectful, fair and successful sport. The association exemplifies fair play by treating each other – as well as its institutions and members – with respect, acting and communicating transparently. The association recognises the “Ethics Charter” of Swiss sport, the doping statute of the Swiss Olympic Association and propagates the ethical principles in its member clubs.

The nine principles of the Charter for Ethics in sport


  1. Equal treatment for everyone. Nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, social background, religious and political affiliation do not lead to discrimination.
  2. Sport and social environment in harmony. The demands in training and competition are compatible with education, career and family life.
  3. Strengthening personal and shared responsibility. Athletes are involved in decisions that affect them.
  4. Respectful encouragement rather than excessive demands. Measures to achieve sporting goals do not damage either the physical or psychological integrity of the athletes.
  5. Educating on fairness and environmental responsibility. Behaviour towards others and towards the environment is characterised by respect.
  6. Rejecting violence, exploitation and sexual abuse. Physical and psychological violence as well as any form of exploitation are not tolerated. Raising awareness, maintaining vigilance and rigorous intervention.
  7. Rejecting doping and drugs. Ongoing information and immediate intervention in the event of consumption, administering or distributing substances.
  8. Abstaining from tobacco and alcohol consumption during sport. Demonstrating the risks and consequences of consumption at an early stage.
  9. Opposing all forms of corruption. Encouraging and stipulating transparency in decisions and processes. Dealing with conflicts of interest, gifts, regulating financing and gambling, and consistent disclosure.

SWISS SPORT INTEGRITY – Contact point for ethics issues in Swiss sports

It is important that sport can be practiced in a safe and supportive environment and is protected from abuses such as discrimination, bullying, unfair treatment or excessively harsh training methods. Physical and mental health should be preserved. However, misconduct and grievances can unfortunately not be completely excluded.

That is why Swiss Sport Integrity provides a contact and initial advice center, for anyone wishing to report ethical incidents in sport.

Further information on the independent reporting office can be found on the Swiss Sport Integrity website:

Together for Clean Sport

Swiss Surfing is unreservedly committed to doping-free sport, supports doping prevention and maintains active cooperation with the Swiss Sport Integrity Foundation. Consistent compliance with the anti-doping rules protects the athletes, the federation and the entire surfing sport. The leadership of Swiss Surfing places great importance on ensuring that athletes, coaches, team managers and athletes support personnel know the rules and commit to a clean surf sport.

What Exactly is Meant by “Doping”?

Not only the presence of prohibited substances in the body, but also for example their possession, or the refusal of a doping control or whereabouts failures are prohibited according to the Swiss Olympic Doping Statute.

Find out more about the eleven violations.

Athletes Bear Sole Responsibility

The so-called Strict Liability is the basis of doping prevention. It means that athletes are solely responsible for ensuring that no prohibited substances enter their bodies or that no prohibited methods are used.

More about the Rights and Obligations.

Check Medication, Always!

Before athletes take any medication, they must always check that it does not contain any prohibited substances. The medication inquiry service Global DRO is a simple tool for checking – via or with our App.

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Doping Risk of Supplements?

Nutritional supplements may be contaminated with prohibited substances. They therefore carry the risk of an unintentional anti-doping rule violation. To reduce this risk, great care must be taken when choosing products.

More information about the doping risk of supplements.

Testing – How it Works!

Doping tests may be carried out anywhere and at any time. It is the athletes’ obligation to follow the doping control notification and the instructions of the doping control personnel.

Details about the Doping Control Procedure.

E-Learning – Understanding the Rules Precisely

The higher the level of performance, the better the athletes and their support personnel need to know the anti-doping rules.

Discover Swiss Sport Integrity’s e-learning – for athletes, coaches, doctors and everyone who wants to protect clean sport.  

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Important Tips in the Current Brochure

Find the most important information and practical tips on the subject of anti-doping in the brochure «Together for clean sport» – for athletes, coaches and parents.

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Report Suspicion!

Any kind of indication concerning possible anti-doping rule violations can be of great relevance for our investigators. Hence, your information – even if only small – may be a decisive contribution to our fight for clean sport. Whether you wish to remain anonymous or not, your information will be treated with strict confidentiality.  

Report suspicion to protect clean sport.

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