Strategic Plan "SSA 2024"

The plan is to guide the association as it grows and evolves over the next years. The content herein will guide the focus, decision making and efforts to achieve the goals outlined


To be a popular, passionate and successful surfing nation that builds on its roots and grows hand in hand with a strong community.  



From valley to valley we shape the pathway for Swiss surfing.

  • We guarantee the best possible conditions for popular and competitive as well as for the promotion of young talent and education.
  • We support and enable nationwide access to high quality surfing. 


Our values are what we believe in. They are our uncompromising principles that lead our association


  • Honest, transparent, respectful in all our work
  • Commitment to fairness, accountability and the highest standards of excellence




  • A positive, optimistic approach and love what we do
  • A focus on fun, celebration and culture
  • For water, waves and our common humanity


  • For ethics and justice (based on the SO Ethics Charter)
  • To achieve the best possible
  • To excellence in the endeavours we take
  • For a sustainable Sport, so that our events and activities do not unnecessarily burden the environment.


  • Respect others, the local culture, traditions and the environment in which we play and perform.
  • Share the stoke



There are five divisions of Swiss Surfing that will be imperative to focus on to be successful. ​


  • Redesign of the organization chart and staffing of the vacant positions
  • Implementation of deputy rules
  • Implementation of a Knowledge Management Database
  • Clarification of all financial processes
  • Increase gender diversity in Board and Head Office
  • Contracting at least three main sponsors
  • Creation of two full-time jobs
  • Increase media presence


  • Increase of membership basis
  • Foundation and development of an annual Swiss Surf Council
  • Creation of an athlete and talent pathway
  • Creation of a competence center for riverwaves
  • Creation of a competence center for SUP
  • Affilitation to «Jugend und Sport»


  • Clarification of the nomination criteria for the national squad
  • Participation of the Swiss Squad in the Olympic Games 2024
  • Top twenty placements in ISA Nations Ranking
  • A top ten placement of a Swiss athlete at an international competition
  • A top ten placement of a Swiss junior athlete at an international competition
  • Contract a national sports center including medical support
  • Organised squad trainings on Europe’s west coast and at the national sports center
  • Hiring and education of a junior trainer in Switzerland
  • At least one adaptive athlete in the Swiss National Squad
  • The SSA runs a sports center on Europe’s west coast


  • Execute ISA Level 1 Trainings
  • Execute ISA Level 2 Trainings
  • Offer all trainings of coaches, lifeguards, instructors and judges in Switzerland
  • Publiction of a documentary paper of the History of Swiss Surfing
  • Definition of values and goals for ethical and sustainable Surfing



  • Host of the annual Swiss Surfing Championships
  • Development of a Swiss Surfing Tour
  • Increase event participation
  • Integrate new Swiss Surf Wave Pool in competition schedule 
  • Clarification of the ranking and judging rulebooks
  • Clarification of the rules and conditions for national competitions
  • All events are financally self-supporting