Swiss Surfing Championship 2023: These are the winners

Swiss Surfing Championship 2022 Winners

Swiss Surfing Championship 2023

From October 15th till 20th the Swiss Surfing Championship went down in Somo, Spain. It was the 26th edition of the official national competition of Switzerland in ocean surfing. Once again the Swiss surfing community came together to enjoy a week full of excellent surfing and great atmosphere. The conditions weren’t easy but the competition direction team and head judges managed to make the best out of the circumstances and also warm weather in Spain didn’t disappoint.

Here are some impressions the event:

“Despite not ideal conditions, this year’s SSC has shown one thing: The surfing level of the Swiss top athletes, the juniors, but also the amateur athletes is increasing from year to year.”

In light of challenging conditions, including a lack of swell and occasional strong winds, determining the ideal days for the Swiss Surfing Championship proved to be no simple feat. Yet, the collective efforts of the Competition Direction, the Head Judge, and athlete representatives successfully turned adversity into opportunity. This edition of the SSC broke from tradition as, for the first time in recent history, not all finals were condensed into a single day.

The finals for the Junior Girls, Longboard, and SUP Surf categories kicked off on the inaugural day, where they contended with smaller waves and lighter breezes. Subsequently, the remaining divisions saw their finals hosted on the event’s final day. In a strategic move, organizers selected a beach section situated about 300 meters further east, where surfers encountered higher waves and more consistent conditions. The athletes, in a display of appreciation, celebrated with a spectacular fireworks show, adding a touch of magic to the proceedings.

Notably, this year marked the debut of a Junior Girls-only division, adding an exciting new dimension to the competition. Despite the weather’s unpredictability, with radiant sunshine gracing the first two days and a touch of rain and wind on the last, the championship’s electrifying atmosphere remained undiminished throughout.

Winners of the Swiss Surfing Championship 2023
Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men Fantin Habashi Antoine Habashi Rivan Rock Rosskopf
Women June Erostarbe Geiser Alicia Martinet Fabiana Klein
Junior Boys Antoine Habashi Rivan Rock Rosskopf Kilian Rosskopf
Junior Girls Fabiana Klein Célia Magras Sue Gartmann
Masters Rugby Colmenares Benedek Sarkany Eric Zbären
Longboard Matteo Kunz Rephael Drayton Isaia Kunz
SUP Nick Crettenand Heiko Lars Bertschinger David Hoppensack
Students Men Ben Heer Lucien Hirschi Sven Piek
Student Women Mariella Machaczek Alena Gubler Melanie Zihlmann


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