Recap: The 2024 ISA WSG have come to an end

After a thrilling competition with some of the worlds best surfers, we look back to some of the (inter)national highlights.


The Swiss Story

From the 23rd until the 26th of February, every surfer in Switzerland watched the Youtube livestream of the ISA day and night no matter what and shared the thrills of the Swiss Elite Squad athlete FANTIN HABASHI (hopefully! Shame on you if you didn’t ;). Fantin competed amongst surfers from 55 countries from all over the world to win the title at this year’s World Surfing Games in Puerto Rico. He fought strong and had a couple of good swings in the lip, but in the end, the other competitors were a little bit stronger and forced Fantin to leave the event after his “Repechage Round” on rank 109.

We congratulate Fantin and we hope to see him soon in back in the water!

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Winners and Rankings

Men overall ranking

Congratulations to Gabriel Medina for taking the victory!
On the men’s side, Gabriel Medina was crowned the winner of the 2024 ISA World Surfing Games in Puerto Rico and secured the overall victory for Team Brazil.

Women overall ranking

Congratulations to Sally Fitzgibbons for winning the event!
On the women’s side, Australia’s well-known athlete Sally Fitzgibbons finished the 2024 ISA World Surfing Games in Puerto Rico victorious and added one more trophy to the many she can call her own.

Check out the results of all the athletes by clicking on the button below:

Not enough information?

Check out the official website of the ISA and get up to date on the event highlights, the Paris 2024 qualification system and a lot more:

You couldn’t go to Puerto Rico you fear that you have missed out on something?

Rewatch the whole event on Youtube:


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