Swiss Surfer fight for the World Champion Title

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At the beginning of June, the World Surfing Games 2023 of the International Surfing Association (ISA) in El Salvador came to an end with a festive ceremony. The Swiss athletes Fantin Habashi (17) and Alicia Martinet (24) look back.

Around 300 surfers from a total of 63 nations competed for the coveted world championship title. The Swiss elite was also represented at the Games with Alicia Martinet (24) and Fantin Habashi (17). They were accompanied and coached by Swiss Surfing team coach Ludo Lossky.

Swiss Surfing is definitely on the right way. Things change and become more and more professional.

Ludo Lossky, Head of Junior Development by Swiss Surfing

For Alicia Martinet as well as for Fantin Habashi the contest was over in Repecharge 2. So the final results are as follows:

Alicia Martinet: 81. place (of 97 surfers)
Fantin Habashi: 73. place (of 127 surfers)
Team Switzerland: 38. place (of 50 countries)

But even more important than the results for the two top athletes was the experience they gained at this important international event.

The 2023 World Surfing Games were definitely special for me because I felt like I experienced a breakthrough. Thanks to my coaches, both personal and federation, I gained mental strength. I was in my element and was focused and pursuing my goal: in this WSG, I wanted to surf like I can without being affected by the stress and external pressure. And I will continue to train hard and come back stronger!

Alicia Martinet (24), Swiss Surfing Elite Squad

These games were also unforgettable for Fantin, even though he was unable to perform to his full potential and was eliminated in the first round.

I was super happy with these World Championships, the coaching and the accommodation. The atmosphere was good, the food was great and the conditions for top performances were definitely there. Even if I couldn’t deliver my best performance, I take a lot from this experience and focus on the next goal: to win the European title for Switzerland at the Pro Juniors!

Fantin Habashi (17), Swiss Surfing Elite Squad
The Razo Junior Pro 2023, which will take place from September 19-23 in Carballo, Spain also has team coach Ludo in mind.

Swiss Surfing is definitely on the right track. WSG 2023 showed that experience, hard work, patience and team spirit are the keys to success. Even if we couldn’t achieve the results we hoped for this year, we will continue to stick to this path. I know we have top athletes on the team with Alicia and Fantin. They just need to build more confidence, keep working hard and follow a clear plan. Step by step, they will get there; we will get there.

Ludo Lossky, Head of Junior Development by Swiss Surfing

About the ISA World Surfing Games in El Salvador 2023
The World Surfing Championships have been around since 1964, but back then in Manly, Australia, the event was known as the ISF World Surfing Championships – or rather unknown. Because the world championships gained real relevance since professional surfing became an Olympic event and was held for the first time at the Summer Games in Japan in 2020.
Paris 2024 Qualification System
A short digression on what the criteria for participation in the 2024 Olympic Games in France include and how they are put together:

  • 2022 & 2024 The winning teams by gender, will qualify 1 place for their respective country. The NOC will nominate the surfer to participate following the conclusion of the Qualification System.
  • 2023 Highest-ranking eligible man and woman per continent from Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania (Total of 4 men and 4 women)
  • 2024 Highest-ranking 5 eligible men and 7 eligible women


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