Presenting: The 2024 National Teams and the Nomination for the 2024 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship

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The surf is on! We proudly present the 2024 Swiss national team! About prominent figures biding farewell and young talents on the rise!

To start off the year, we would like to introduce some new faces and revisit known athletes. In the past year, many stories were written. We witnessed dramatic competitions with rookies taking the win away from the renowned “old hands” in the growing swiss surf scene, we watched brothers fight for titles and we celebrated winners in different categories in a serious of events. In the middle of this spectacle were the athletes of the Swiss national team. And thus it is clear that one can hardly await the announcement of this years team members to pursue their actions in the upcoming events. ESPECIALLY WITH THE UPCOMING 2024 ISA WORLD JUNIOR SURFING CHAMPIONSHIP IN MAY

So here we go:

Elite Squad:

Challenger Junior Squad:

Junior Rookie Squad:

As you can see, our team is continuously gaining members and we are very happy about that. But a new season means change in any direction. We sadly inform you, that Fabiana Klein will not be competing for Team Switzerland in the future. She will start a new chapter with the German National Team and we wish her all the best for that! See you in the water Fabiana!

Did you know that some of our junior and rookie squad athletes will soon join in on the biggest surfing event of the year? Then check this out:

Swiss Surfing goes to El Salvador 2024 ISA Junior Surfing Championship!

Find below the team constellation for this year’s happening:

  • Sloane Jucker (back competitor)
  • Célia Magras (back-to-back competitor)
  • Marshanda Nikijuluw (first time appearance)
  • Kilian Rosskopf (back-to-back competitor)
  • Liam Sahyoun (back-to-back competitor)
  • Mathias Banto (first time appearance)
  • Antoine Habashi (back-to-back competitor)
  • Rivan Rosskopf (back-to-back competitor)
  • Jake Anderson (back-to-back competitor)
  • Francisco Perez (Coach)
  • Ludo Lossky (Technical Director, Coach)

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  1. Jucker

    Proud of Sloane Jucker from Hawaii


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