SSA Active 2021

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  • You can participate actively in the Association with your vote at the annual general assembly.
  • You can participate at the Swiss Surfing Championship or/and at the Swiss Wavepool Championship (subject to rules of competition) and other special events of the SSA


  • Receive a cool and exclusive member goody! (Login with your swisssurfing account and order it for free)
  • Join the “Alpine Surf Club” of Alaïa Bay at a special price of CHF 300.- (instead of CHF 600.-). You will benefit from special deals, such as early morning or late night surf sessions, club goodies, discount at the restaurant and the shop, etc.
  • As a member of Swiss Surfing, you can now save up to 45% on your mobile subscription. With Sunrise subscriptions, association members can benefit from exclusive special conditions with immediate effect. Simply register at The cancellation of your existing subscription and all other formalities will be taken care for you. More information in the factsheet.
  • Receive 10% discount by visitor store Zürich.
  • Get all direct bookings with without a booking fee!
  • Get 10% discount on all Landlocked Surf Fitness surfskate-trainings. You can get a trial fitness-training for CHF 20.- and the three-session trial-subscription costs only CHF 75.- for SSA members.
  • Get personal invitations to our events!
  • Receive our newsletter with info about the Swiss surfing happenings!
  • You will be supporting the sport of surfing in Switzerland and helping to strengthen our interests!

This membership is only valid in the current calendar year.


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