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We asked some of our recent competitors about their motivation to attend the Swiss Surfing Championship. Here are their thoughts. 

A: Alena Ehrenbold
F: Fantin Habashi
L: Ludovic Lossky
P: Patrick Denicola
R: Rachel Bonhote-Mead

How many times did you participate at the SSC?

A: 9 years.. every year since 2008!
F: Once, in 2016
L: I participated 2 times (last year and one 6 years ago maybe). 
P: I participated once at the SSC, in 2016.
R: I’v now participated 5 times at the ocean surfing champs and will compete for the first in the Swiss Wavepool Championship this year! 

What does it mean to you surfing competitions?

A: It’s totaly diffrent than freesurfing. You have to surf in any kind of conditions and try your best during 20 minutes. It’s a real challenge!
F: Surfing competition is very important to me. It gives me motivation to improve my surfing and it’s funny, even if it happens that we drive for hours for 20 min surfing because I got stuck in the first round… Since I’m 7, I dream I’ll be a professional surfer!  I train myself all year long with my surfclub, my school (I am in the surf section of the school) and my coaches. However this year was not a big year too me. Even if I did n°3 at the Landes grommet championships, it was not enough to be selected for the France Championship. I was very, very proud to be selected by the SSA for ISA WSG. It was something really incredible to me! However I feel I’m still too young (will be 14 next month) compared to other juniors. 
L: Surfing competitons doesn’t mean much for me, the important thing in surfing for me is to have fun; could be in competition or freesurfing!
P:  It means having the lineup for ourselves, at least for a couple of minutes.
R: I actually really enjoy contests but I always try to go there with a positive mindset. You can learn so much from watching and competing against surfers with more experience. At the end of the day I just want to get better and increase my surfing playground and contest helps with that! Years ago I got stuck in a heat with Stephanie Gilmore, I came forth by a long mile but it was still an incredible experience to watch her in a heat. I’d definitely encourage anyone to have a go, the very worst you’ll have is a surf with 3 other good friends in an empty lineup, a stunning location, for 20 minutes.. a win in any case!!!

Do you like the Swiss Surfing Championship (e.g. Organization, people, location)?

A: The SSA is doing every year a great job and I’m happy to meet old and new friends.
F: Yeeeeees!
L:  I like it of course, organization is good since Bene took the lead! People are cool, everyone is friendly, good atmosphere.. Location wasn’t good (San Vicente) but looking forward for the event upcoming in Loredo.
P: Yes I like the SSC! 
R: The Swiss champs are always great, the coastline and area where it’s held in Spain is super beautiful, locals are supportive and organisation from SSA always on point! 

What do you like most at the Swiss surfing Championship?

A: Catch up with friends and progress in my surfing, as you see so many amazing surfers!
F: Very professional organisation with a cool and kind atmosphere. 
L: What I like the most about the ssc is the atmosphere, everyone is chearing for everyone; good vibes! 
P: It is the whole experience, having a good time with the other surfers…having a competitions without having a competition…and all this while beeing at such a beautiful place.
R:  I love the yearly social catch up and meeting all the other swiss surfers. Everyone has their own unique story as to how they started, where they go to surf so super fascinating to exchange all these stories. The contest is also really relaxing and fun!

Any Tipps for new people coming for first time?

A: Just enjoy the event! It’s not about your preformance, it’s about progressing your surfing at any kind of level and meet a lot of other Swiss surfers with the same spirit.
F: I come for the 2nd time… Don’t feel legitimate to give tips!
L: No real tips, just enjoy!
P: Just GO! 
R: Biggest tip would be to not be scared of ‘the contest’, it’s not WSL… have the mindset that it’s still a contest but most of all learn and have fun with it! 

We say ‘thank you’ and invite you all to registrate for the Swiss Surfing Championship 2017. 

All information can be found on our website

Aloha from the Alps – Since 1992! 

All pictures: Kevin Cathers Photography


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