Swiss Surfing Championship: These are the winners

Swiss Surfing Championship 2022 Winners

Swiss Surfing Championship 2022

From October 9th till 15th the Swiss Surfing Championship went down in Loredo, Spain. It was the 25th edition of the official national competition of Switzerland in ocean surfing. Once again the Swiss surfing community came together to enjoy a week full of excellent surfing and great atmosphere. And also the conditions in the ocean and the warm weather in Spain didn’t disappoint.

Here are some impressions of the finals:

SSC 2022 - Finals Day
Winners of the Swiss Surfing Championship 2022
Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men Rugby Colmenares Kilian Rosskopf Rivan Rock Rosskopf
Women Rachel Bonhote-Mead Alicia Martinet Miriam Faccenda
Junior Boys Kilian Rosskopf Antoine Habashi Rivan Rock Rosskopf
Junior Girls Fabiana Klein Sue Gartmann  
Masters Rugby Colmenares Benedek Sarkany Fabian Böni
Longboard Philip Mappes Michèle Hungerbühler Leilou Spano
SUP Nick Crettenand Michel Schnitzbauer Andi Saurer
Student Men Philip Mappes Vincent Schneider Ben Heer
Student Women Alicia Martinet Mariella Machaczek Alena Gubler


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