Swiss Surfing

Championship 2021

09. – 16. OCTOBER 2021, Loredo, Spain

The Swiss Surfing Championship is the official national competition in surfing. General Information and competition rules can be found in the SSA Competition Rules.




1. Antoine Habashi
2. Swen Zaugg
3. Rivan Rock Rosskopf



1. June Erostarbe
2. Rachel Bonhote
3. Fabienne Sutter



1. Fantin Habashi
2. Rivan Rock Rosskopf
3. Kilian Rosskopf & Antoine Habashi



1. Marilyne Pinto
2. Malte Mappes
3. Alejandro Flores Molina



1. Jürg Diemand
2. Lui Istvan Rakitta
3. Bojan Skerlak



1. Michael Zaugg
2. Swen Zaugg
3. Philip Mappes



1. Nick Crettenand
2. David Hoppensack
3. Andi Saurer


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Is there any chance that the SSC will be cancelled?
Yes, there is a chance that we have to cancel the SSC because of travel and safety reasons. We have taken note of the current restriction. Due to the fact that the situation may change again, we are still positive to run the event in October. We are also in close contact with the local authorities and partners and we are very positive to run the event in October.

What if we have to cancel the event?
Competitions fees: In case of a cancellation of the event already paid competition fees will be fully refunded.
Third party bookings: Please note that the offered accommodation packages on the SSA-Website are third party bookings. This means that your contract will be with them as the principal provider. To change/cancel any third party bookings, it will require you to contact the service provider directly.

Where can I find out more information regarding travel or health advisories?
We strongly recommend that all participants follow health and safety information from health officials as well as travel advisories from local authorities. For your convenience, we have provided a list of resources below:


  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Official Tourism Website of Spain
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

What is the Swiss Surfing Championship?

The Swiss Surfing Championship (SSC) is a get together of people who love to surf. It is held annually where surfers from all levels can compete. 

A competition? I only surf 4 weeks a year in my vacations, do I have chance?

Everybody has a chance. Even if the competition is the main focus of the event, meeting people and having a good time is inevitable. So no matter how good or bad you are, come to the SSC and enjoy a wonderful week surfing with new and old friends!

Who can compete?

Every Swiss passport holder (don´t forget your passport or ID) is allowed to compete. The only other requirement is to be either a member of the SSA or another Swiss Surfing club.

Foreign passport holders living in Switzerland are also allowed to compete in separate division, the “Expression Session”.

How is the format?

We have 4 main divisions that are held no matter the amount of surfers: Surf Men, Surf Ladies, Junior Boys, Junior Girls. Other divisions are held depending on interest, such as Longboard, Masters, etc. Competition rules can be read in the SSA Competition Rules.

Do I need any equipment?

Yes, bring your Surfboard and Wetsuit. If you don ́t own one, you can rent the stuff at any shop in Somo. Unfortunately, we don’t have any special deal this year.

How do I get to Santander / Somo Beach

We don´t offer any transfer. Please organize your travel on your own. There are different groups in Facebook such as “Mitsurfgelegenheit” and others to get a cheap transfer to Spain. Kindly look at the different flight search engines if you want to travel by plane.

Where do I sleep?

Like the last years we can offer a deals with our local Partners, which you can book directly through them. 

Sa-Sa, 9-16 Oct 2021

Shared Room (more than 2 p): 310€  (pp)
Double Room (2 p): 320€ (pp)
Double Room (single use): 350€ (pp) 

Including: 7 nights, 7 Dinner, 4 Lunch (no lunch on competition days)

Note: It’s also possible to book the accommodation only with breakfast and/or dinner. Please check for the options directly with the Latas Surf.


IMPORTANT: Please mention that you are participating at the Swiss Surfing Championship 2021 to get our special rates. Please indicate “SSC Deal” in the email’s subject.

Do I need a car?

The beach is reachable by foot, thus no car is required. Nonetheless, since the champs are held in Spain, it is definitely easier to move around with a car.

I am planing to come in a group, is it a problem?

It is not a problem. It is appreciated to bring friends and family. Everyone can profit from the accommodation deal. You can also rent out a house on your own or camp in your van in the near vicinity. It’s always good to have a cheering crowd.

Are there any activities beside surfing?

Yes, depending on the swell and weather there will be a lay day or two, where other activities such as a beach cleanup, beach volley or an excursion to a close-by attraction can be organized.

What happens if I get injured? Do I get medical assistance?

We have a professional surf teacher at the beach which have to do a first aid course to get their license. Also our judges have a first aid course. Don´t worry, competition beach is a Beach break 🙂

What if the conditions are so bad, that we can´t compete on any day?

We have a competition frame of 5 days (Monday – Friday). Normally we need 2-3 days to get all through. The Contest director will decide day by day if the competition takes place or not. However, if 5 days are not surfable at all, we may cancel the competition and refund you the fees. But don´t worry, we never had to cancel the whole event, surf is quite consistence on this time of the year in Cantabria.

Are there any photographers taking action shots from me?

There will be photographers, but they will not take pictures for your personal use. Please do not bother them asking for a picture where you are doing a rodeo 360 :P. They are present to provide pictures for the use of the SSA only.

What will roughly cost me the week?

Hard to say. Depending where you are staying and how you are getting to Santander, you can plan with about 550€ for the week. Of course if you come with mates and share an apartment or a tent and cook your own food you can reduce costs.

Roughly 500 CHF. We provide an accommodation deal which you can find in “WHERE DO I SLEEP”. The only other costs are the costs getting to Santander. Of course if you come with mates and share an apartment or a tent and cook your own food you can further reduce costs.

What kind of people are coming?

Students, passionated globe trotters, families, Swiss living abroad… Basically a bunch of people with a lot of different life experiences that are worth to meet. What is your passion besides surfing?

Are there any prizes I can win?

Yes, even a trophy 🙂 Our sponsors and partners provide us with surf boards for the winners and a lot of other goodies, come and find out!

I am traveling with a Van, is there a possibility of using the shower at Latas?

You can use the shower at the nearby Swimming Pool / Gym at the „Polideportivo Ntra. Sra. de Latas“ for a small fee of 20€ p.P. for 7 days. Opening hours of the Gym / Swimming Pool is Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 14:00 / 16:00 – 21:30 and Sunday 09:00 – 14:00

I still have questions which are not mentioned above, who can respond these to me?

You can write Dario Müller at any time ( if you still have questions. He normally answers the E-Mails quite fast 🙂