Swiss Surfing Association becomes Swiss Surfing

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Spring is in the air! And with that it’s time for some changes and new beginnings:

“Swiss Surfing Association (SSA)” will from now on act under the name “Swiss Surfing”.

With that we also gave our Logo a little redesign.

The purpose for changing the name from Swiss Surfing Association to Swiss Surfing explains Benedek Sarkany, president of Swiss Surfing:

“There were various reasons for changing the name. But the most crucial one was, that we are in fact not an association but an umbrella organization. Similar to a federation we guide and provide information for regional surf clubs with the goal to grow and develop surfing in Switzerland on a highly professional and ethical level – similar to other established sports organizations such as Swiss Ski, Swiss Tennis or Swiss Volley ” explains Benedek Sarkany, President of Swiss Surfing.

Furthermore the organization wants to avoid confusion with the Skateboard Association SSA. In addition a short name is more suitable for social media and therefore increases the potential of reaching the target group.

About Swiss Surfing

The organization Swiss Surfing was founded in 1992 as the “Swiss Surf Association” and represents the sport of surfing in Switzerland on a national and international level. It is recognized by the International Surfing Association ISA, Surfing’s World Governing Authority and the European Surfing Federation as the national surfing association of Switzerland. Since 2018 Swiss Surfing is also a part of Swiss Olympic.

Today, more than 35 surfing enthusiasts work for Swiss Surfing year-round on a voluntary basis. The organization currently counts around 2500 members.

The basic membership is free of charge. For more benefits and you should check out the Active Membership for CHF 50.-. With the active membership you can enjoy many benefits and participate at the Edelweiss Surf Tour, the Swiss Championships in Loredo Spain and other special events organised by Swiss Surfing.


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