Swiss Surfing Association and Alpina are Surfing the Wave together

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Alpina becomes main partner and official timekeeper of the Swiss Surfing Association and strengthens its engagement in water sports. Big news for us. The time has finally come! Literally! We are not only grateful but also delighted to continue our journey with Alpina as our new main sponsor.


Who is Alpina? A Swiss watchmaker. We would say a cool watch maker. The founder, Gottlieb Hauser was a pioneer. He invented and set the four principles of the sports watch! Since 1938, the essential attributes, stainless steel, anti-magnetic, shockproof and waterproof are the basic ingredients of a classic sports watch. And we can definitely say they do not only make watches for alpinists. You want to know more? Check out their story here.


First: We couldn’t be happier than having gained a partner that shares our Olympic values and mindset. Second: Our new main partner was always inspired by nature and its various fields of expression since its creation in 1883. Not only air and land, but also the sea is a huge creative pillar in this brands history. Let’s put it this way: this company seems to have developed a natural affinity with the world of gliding, not only in the mountains but also on the water. Third: The DNAs of Swiss Surfing Association and Alpina are built on Swiss roots. As a Swiss surfer, you are most probably also a sort of Alpine child. This is unique in the surfer’s world, considering we are completely landlocked!

And who knows? What Gottlieb Hauser and Alpina did for the “sports watch”, we are maybe doing right now for Swiss surfing – pioneering work!

See you soon!

Peace, Love & Surf!

Your Swiss Surfing Team












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