Register now for the Urbansurf Zürich Open

From 27-28 August 2022 the Urbansurf Zürich Open take place at the city wave of Urbansurf in Geroldsgarten, Zürich.

Registration is now open – registration deadline is 21st of August 2022.

About the new Urbansurf Zürich Open
The Urbansurf Zürich Open take place for the first time in this form. It replaces the well-known Swiss Wavepool Championship, that has been held for the last five year.

As the third tour stop of the newly launched Edelweiss Surf Tour 2022 it not only will decide the winner of the new Urbansurf Zürich Open but also determine who is the overall Stationary Wavepool Champion of the tour 2022.


Date: 27.-28.08.2022
Discipline: Stationary Waveriding
Location: Urbansurf, Geroldsgarten Zürich
Total Prize Money: CHF 4000.-

Registration: From 10. Juli – 21. August 2022

Costs for entering the competition

The Active Membership of Swiss Surfing is a requirement to enter the competition. If you already are an active member just log yourself in on before you register for the event.

If you are not yet an active member, the membership will automatically be added to your registration for this event and will be valid throughout the year and therefore for all upcoming tour stops of the Edelweiss Surf Tour 2022.

Competition Fee Adults: CHF 65.-
Competition Fee Juniors: CHF 55.-
Active Membership * CHF 50.-
Visitors Free

(*only needs to be purchased once a year):


  • Men (24 Spots available)
  • Women(24 Spots available)
  • Junior Boys (8 Spots available)
  • Junior Girls (8 Spots available)
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