Recap: OANA Open 2024

The OANA Open 2024 is over. And it was one for the history books! The big opening to the third edition of the Edelweiss Surf Tour proved to be a resounding success!

On Friday, May 24th, the Mall’oha Village prepared the audience to take in the full load of surf action during the following competition day. With “beach vibes,” music, and food that offered far more than just “surf and turf,” it was ensured that the winners William Walther, Sue Gartmann, Rivan Rock Rosskopf, Aksinia Semenova, Georg Dietrich and Anna Lemann could be properly celebrated late on Saturday evening.

Named winners triumphed in their respective categories Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Men, Women, Masters Men and Masters Women. As you may have noticed, this year’s edition is the first with a master’s category; and they loved it! As did the crowd, when they cherished the many beautifully riden waves in the indoor pool of OANA.

Their big wins earned them crucial points towards the Swiss Rapid Surfing Championship and the Edelweiss Surf Tour.

Results of the Oana Open 2023

1. Sue Gartmann
2. Ella Aebi
3. Aline Gasser
4. Melissa Gasser

1. William Walther
2. Weiss Tim
3. Thierry Meier
4. Lenn Verbarg

1. Aksinia Semenova
2. Michelle Anna Ernst
3. Fabiana Klein
4. Eva Weiss

1. Rivan Rock Rosskopf
2. Kilian Rosskopf
3. Durby Castillo
4. Vincent Schneider

1. Anna Lemann
2. Nathalie Gasser
3. Sandy Stutz
4. Edith Pfenninger

1. Georg Dietrich
2. Raini Schaub
3. Eusebio Rodríguez
4. Humberto Arzola Cuba

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Photo Credits: Ondrej Kolacek

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