New registration deadline for SSC 2022

There are spots left for the SSC that takes place 9th till 15th of October 2022 – new registration deadline is 7th of October!

The 25th edition of the Swiss Surfing Championship is less than a week away and there are still a few spots left in the following divisions:

  • Surf Men = 6
  • Surf Ladies = 6
  • Longboard = 4
  • Junior Boys = 7
  • Juniors Girls = 2
  • Masters = 2

The new registration deadline is Friday, 7th of October 11:59 p.m.

So don‘t miss the opportunity to be part of it: get your gear ready suit up and show your skills in the saltwater of the Atlantic.

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New registration deadline is 7th of October 2022

Details about the Swiss Surfing Championships
Competition dates: 9. – 15. October 2022
Location: Loredo, Spain
Getting there: By car or airplane -> check out flights with Edelweiss to Bilbao
Riders Meeting: Sunday, 9th of October approx. 8 p.m.
Info: Monday to Saturday = waiting period. 3-4 Contest days


Competition Fees

Main Division:

Adults: 65 CHF + Swiss Surfing Active Membership
Juniors: 45 CHF + Swiss Surfing Active Membership

The main divisions of the SSC are:

  • Surf Men Male of any age
  • Surf Ladies Female of any age
  • Longboard Division Male or female of any age; min. board length is 9ft
  • Junior Boys or Junior Girls under age of 18 years
  • SUP Female or Male of any age

Every further division: 

Adults: 65 CHF + Swiss Surfing Active Membership
Juniors: 45 CHF + Swiss Surfing Active Membership

Age restrictions for further divisions are:

  • Cadet Boy or Girl Under 16
  • Senior Male or Female 28 years and older
  • Master Male or Female 35 years and older
  • Grandmaster Male or Female 40 years and older
  • Kahuna Male or Female 45 years and older
  • Grand Kahuna Male or Female 50 years and older

Main divisions are held if there is a minimum of 4 inscriptions. Other divisions (Senior, Bodyboard, expression session, etc.) can be held if there is a minimum of 8 inscriptions or by decision of the contest director.

* Ages are taken from January 1st in the year of participation.


The Swiss Surfing Championship is held annually and a fixed part of the Swiss Surfing calendar. This year the event takes place from 9th till 15th of October in Loredo, Spain. The Swiss Surfing Championship are more than just a competition: it’s the gathering of the Swiss surfing community and every year a memorable experience for everyone. This year the unique event takes place for the 25th time.


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