We want to offer attractive membership models for the clubs and the individual surfers in order to promote the sport together and strengthen the community. The members should be given the opportunity to actively participate in the association, to represent their own interests and to influence sectorpolitical issues. The larger the community, the faster infrastructure projects can be realized. The more knowledge can be shared. The more money is invested in sport and the better the conditions for athletes. 


All Swiss surfers want to become a member of Swiss Surfing in one particular way or another. 


Swiss sports clubs provide a wide, varied and affordable range of sports activities. They are responsible for competitive sports as well as popular, recreational and health sports and provide offers for the most diverse population groups and performance levels. Clubs are the basis for athletes in top-class sport. Club competitions teach the skills required for a competitive career and familiarize surfers with the benefits of the support and friendship that club membership offers. 

A wide range of active athletes is still the prerequisite for successful top-level sport. It is therefore essential to create new opportunities and structures so that the sport of surfing can be practised. A healthy club life contributes to this. 

Ultimately, everyone benefits from the relationship between athletes, club and Swiss Surfing. The larger the community, the faster infrastructure projects can be realized. The more knowledge can be shared. The more money is invested in sport and the better the conditions for athletes. 

The SSA is committed to working with the cantons and clubs to ensure that surfing continues to grow in strength and strengthen its status as a truly iconic Swiss hobby. Swiss Surfing strives for a closer cooperation with the clubs. Based on club requirements, Swiss Surfing wants to develop new services for the clubs. In addition, the clubs will be informed about current news in the SSA via Club newsletter 


Clubs that are members of the SSA enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Partnership – Strategic partnership with the SSA as official elite sports federation and Swiss Olympic member. 
  • Discounts – Exclusive discounts (member discounts) and discounted SSA Active Membership. As well as discounts from our partners, such as special offers from Swiss Olympic.
  • Ranking – competing in the Swiss championships (Ocean & Landlocked) for the club ranking.
  • Support the Community – To assist Swiss Surfing in the growth and development of a healthy, happy, inclusive surfing community. 
  • Sport Fonds – As one of the clubs affiliated to the SSA, you can benefit from money provided by the Swisslos Sports Fonds. (Differs from canton to canton) Infos about Swisslos Sports Fonds 
  • Affiliation – The right to use the SSA logo on club documents. 
  • Protection – Protection by the statutes and regulations as well as by the organs of Swiss Surfing 
  • Registration – place on our homepage, so anyone can find and join you. 
  • Development & Education – Access to Education Opportunities and support from our committed and passionate Competence Center (river wave, spors law, sports medicine, safety, judging, etc.)
  • Network – profit from our network to different other umbrella associations as well as to international and national sports federations. 
  • Contact Point – SSA as a competent contact point that provides up-to-date and well-founded information. 
  • Marketing – Receive at least one annual post on our Swiss Surfing social platforms to promote your club. 
  • Shape the future – Receive an invitation for the Swiss Surf Council. 


Swiss Surfing abstains from a club license (club fee) in order to be able to build up the sport together with the clubs and thereby relieve the clubs financially. Nevertheless, the member clubs have the following obligations towards Swiss Surfing: 

  • By becoming a member of Swiss Surfing, an association is obliged to follow the statutes and regulations of the SSA. 
  • The club recognises the “Ethics Charter” of Swiss sport, the doping statutes of the Swiss Olympic Association and propagates the ethical principles to its members. 
  • The club actively offers its members the National Membership. The National Membership is an SSA Active Membership which the local surfer can purchase at a reduced price (CHF 35.-) through the clubs. This allows us to tailor our offer for each and every surfer and to empower local surf associations as they will be the primary contact of local surfers. 
  • At the beginning of each calendar year we need the current membership list (deadline is the 31.12. of the previous year) which contains names, gender, addresses, e-mail addresses and type of membership. New members who join a club after the deadline are not to be named until the following year. National members must be reported periodically, otherwise they will not immediately benefit from the advantages of the SSA and will not be able to participate in the Swiss Surfing Events. 
  • The payments of the National Memberships to the SSA are to be made in due form (by 30.01. of each calendar year at the latest). 
  • Swiss Surfing must be informed of any changes in the statutes. 
  • Voluntary: It would be desirable that all board members of the association are active members of the SSA and pay the National Membership fee.

Why do I have to submit the membership list annually?

There are several reasons why Swiss Surfing needs the member lists:  

  1. all members of a club affiliated to Swiss Surfing are automatically basic members of the SSA. To create a Basic-Membership we need at least the name, surname and e-mail address of the member.
  2. for the activation of the Active-Membership we need to know which members have paid the national membership fee, so that we can activate it.
  3. to see if and how the surf community grows we need data about the residence, gender and the age of the members. This data we have to forward annually to Swiss Olympics. The data is anonymized in each case. First and last name are not included in this analysis and are only used for points 1 and 2.   

    The SSA treats this data confidentially at all times. It will not be passed on to partners or third parties (except Swiss Olympics as described in point 3).


    Membership of Swiss Surfing is free of charge for the club. This is consciously done in order to relieve the club financially and to keep the entry barriers low so that a large community can develop which promotes the sport of surfing together.

    How can I found a club?

    On the page of vitamin B you will find all the necessary information and documents for the foundation of the association. Vitamin B supports volunteer association boards in their demanding work, encourages them and promotes their networking. They offer education, advice and information.


    In principle, all Swiss clubs interested in surfing and its related disciplines, whose purpose and principle is to create opportunities for surfing at the grassroots level up to the competitive level or to promote a flourishing social scene in surfing, can become members of Swiss Surfing.

    All you have to do is fill out the application form further down this page. 

    All complete applications will be forwarded to the general assembly, which will decide about the admission to Swiss Surfing, provided that the statutes of the SSA are accepted. Membership begins on the day of the provisional confirmation of admission by the board. 


    Please inform us of your cancellation by e-mail (info@waveriding.ch) before the end of the current calendar year.

    Surf Club Application Form

    The club listet below requests the admission to the Swiss Surf Association.

    Club Membership Application Form

    Maximum file size: 67.11MB

    Maximum file size: 67.11MB

    Applicant Contact Details

    street name and house number
    apartment, suite, unit, etc.

    Applicant Marketing Information