Big News: Swiss Surfing launches Edelweiss Surf Tour

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Fasten your seatbelt: Five tour stops, three disciplines, one Swiss champion in each discipline and one overall tour winner – this is the new Edelweiss Surf Tour 2022!

This new tour is one of kind: it combines the uniqueness and variety of Swiss surfing with the goal to connect surfers of all kinds and regions.

The tour takes off on the 30th of April at Oana in Ebikon (LU). Next stop will be the river wave in Bremgarten (AG) before dropping in at Urbansurf Zurich (ZH), Thun (BE) and finally Alaïa Bay in Sion (VS).

Everybody with a Swiss Pass or a Swiss residency can take part in the Tour. The individual tour stops are open to international surfers. Mark the dates, get ready and show your skills in the fresh waters of Switzerland.

Edelweiss Surf Tour Calendar

30 April – 1 May 2022, Oana Open, Stationary Waveriding
4 June 2022, Brämzgi River Jam, River Surfing
27 – 28 August 2022, Urbansurf Zürich Open, Stationary Waveriding
10 September 2022, RiverSurfJam Thun, River Surfing
2 – 4 December 2022, Alaïa Open Winter Cup, Wavepool Surfing

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce the first surf tour of Switzerland that combines three disciplines of Swiss surfing and connects surfers of all kinds and regions. This is a great opportunity for Swiss surfers not only to compete on one wave but to become the overall tour winner and be rewarded with title of the Edelweiss Surf Tour Winner!”, states Dario Müller, Event & Competition at Swiss Surfing and responsible for organizing the Edelweiss Surf Tour.


Stationary Waveriding
Competition on an artificial standing wave.

River Surfing
Competition on a natural river wave.

Wavepool Surfing
Competition on an artificial rolling wave.

Men (no age limit)

Women (no age limit)

Junior Boys (Until 18th birthday)

Junior Girls (Until 18th birthday)


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