Swiss Surfing is committed to a healthy, respectful, fair and successful sport. The association exemplifies fair play by treating each other – as well as its institutions and members – with respect, acting and communicating transparently. The association recognises the “Ethics Charter” of Swiss sport, the doping statute of the Swiss Olympic Association and propagates the ethical principles in its member clubs.

The nine principles of the Charter for Ethics in sport


  1. Equal treatment for everyone. Nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, social background, religious and political affiliation do not lead to discrimination.
  2. Sport and social environment in harmony. The demands in training and competition are compatible with education, career and family life.
  3. Strengthening personal and shared responsibility. Athletes are involved in decisions that affect them.
  4. Respectful encouragement rather than excessive demands. Measures to achieve sporting goals do not damage either the physical or psychological integrity of the athletes.
  5. Educating on fairness and environmental responsibility. Behaviour towards others and towards the environment is characterised by respect.
  6. Rejecting violence, exploitation and sexual abuse. Physical and psychological violence as well as any form of exploitation are not tolerated. Raising awareness, maintaining vigilance and rigorous intervention.
  7. Rejecting doping and drugs. Ongoing information and immediate intervention in the event of consumption, administering or distributing substances.
  8. Abstaining from tobacco and alcohol consumption during sport. Demonstrating the risks and consequences of consumption at an early stage.
  9. Opposing all forms of corruption. Encouraging and stipulating transparency in decisions and processes. Dealing with conflicts of interest, gifts, regulating financing and gambling, and consistent disclosure.

INTEGRITY – Contact point for ethics issues in Swiss sports

It is important that sport can be practiced in a safe and supportive environment and is protected from abuses such as discrimination, bullying, unfair treatment or excessively harsh training methods. Physical and mental health should be preserved. However, misconduct and grievances can unfortunately not be completely excluded.

That is why Swiss Olympic has set up INTEGRITY, a contact and initial advice center, for anyone wishing to report ethical incidents in sport.

Our Code OF COnduct


In its Code of Conduct, the Swiss Surfing Association commits itself to creating transparency and preventing abuse and corruption. The code is intended as an aid for all employees and volunteers in the Swiss Surfing Association and contains principles and tips that are important for everyday work in the association.