Swiss Surfing Championship 2021

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It was noticeable in every phase of the contest, from the qualifiers to the finals, that the level is getting higher and higher and the boys want to show their skills. So we don’t have to hide any more in the international comparison. The future of swiss surfing definitely looks promising. More about this in the WaveupBlog or in the WaveupMag Nr.28


Division Surf Men

  1. Antoine Habashi
  2. Swen Zaugg
  3. Rivan Rock Rosskopf
  4. Fantin Habashi

Division Surf Ladies

  1. June Erostarbe
  2. Rachel Bonhote-Mead
  3. Fabienne Sutter
  4. Alicia Martinet

Division Juniors

  1. Fantin Habashi
  2. Rivan Rock Rosskopf

Division Longboard

  1. Marilyne Pinto
  2. Malte Mappe Ehrenbold
  3. Alejandro Flores Molina
  4. Philip Mappes

Division Senior

  1. Jürg Diemand
  2. Lui Istvan Rakitta
  3. Bojan Skerlak
  4. Benedek Sarkany

Division Expression

  1. Michael Zaugg
  2. Swen Zaugg
  3. Philip Mappes
  4. Vincent Schneider

Division SUP

  1. Nick Crettenand
  2. David Hoppensack
  3. Andi Saurer
  4. Anna Tschirky

Detailed results Swiss Surfing Championship 2021 at



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