Final Results Swiss Wavepool Championship 2017

We are very proud to announce the final results of the first ever Swiss Wavepool Championship.  


(pic: WaveupMag)

1. Rahel Brunner
2. Rachel Bonhôte
3. Martina Erne
4. Annik Bollag
5. Jackie Pfenninger
6. Marlies Morf


(pic: WaveupMag) 

1. Martin Suter
2. Milan Brunner
3. Jan Schenk 
4. Dimitri Scholl
5. Stefan Baumer
6. Ben Heer
7. Vincent Schneider
8. Fabian Villarroel
9. Roland Hauser
9. Bene Sarkany
11. Marcel Federle
11. Albert Würsch
13. Stefan Gilg
13. Jürg Häberling
13. Patrick Gönner
16. Georg Dietrich
16. Daniel Paez
18. David Debrunner

Ben Heer, as the only junior participating, took with his 6th place in the Men division also the victory for the Junior division. 

Expression Session

1. Humberto Arzola
2. Markus Egger
3. Bryan Souza
4. Alejandra Moreno
5. Cesar Zambrano

A special thank you goes out to our sponsors and partners, the judges and the staff on spot for making things happen: The Wave Factory | Victorinox TROJKA Energy | Visa | Surfari Surf-Shop | Visitor Store | Cloud 9 | WaveupMag | Waveup

The new ranking and all the pictures can soon be found on our website! 

Aloha from the Alps – Since 1992! 


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